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There are plenty of good, reasonably priced hotels in Santa Barbara County. Look here to find some clean, comfortable places to stay.

Hotels in Santa Barbara come in many shapes and sizes. There are several hotel chains from which to choose, and lots of independently owned and operated accommodations.

Hotel Chains

Name-brand hotels are trusted by travelers to be a good value. You can count on the rates being fair and your room being clean and comfortable. Choosing a name-brand hotel takes some of the guess work out of finding a good place to stay. Here are the hotel chains that have places to stay in Santa Barbara County:

Motel 6

Best Western

Holiday Inn

Some of the independently owned and operated hotels in Santa Barbara are better than others. These are places that I've evaluated and am happy to recommend. If you've got a favorite hotel in Santa Barbara County, please, tell us about it!

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Do you have a favorite hotel in Santa Barbara County? Is it near the beach or in the wine country? What makes it so special?

Please, share your find with us!

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