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What are your favorite places to eat in Santa Barbara County? Tell us why you think it's the BEST!

Santa Barbara restaurants serve every kind of food. From the finest dining to the best taco stand, Santa Barbara has it all.

Here are just a few of my favorite Santa Barbara restaurants:

For Breakfast or Lunch

Jeannine's American Bakery

All the locals know Jeannine's is the best bakery in town, hands down!

Jeannine's on Upper State Street

They serve delicious homemade croissants, muffins, and cakes.

Their eggs benedict can't be beat.

For those on a budget, split a breakfast burrito. It's plenty for two!

Visit Jeannine's at 3607 State Street (map it) & 15 E. Figueroa Street (map it), and at 1253 Coast Village Road in Montecito (map it). Or call 805-687-8701 to place an order (I request a birthday cake from Jeannine's every year!).

The Best Burger

If you love a good hamburger, you're in for a treat. This county is home to several of the best ones I've ever had...

The Habit Burger Grill

A Santa Barbara County original, The Habit elevates the fast-food burger to a gourmet meal. You can even get avocado on your Habit burger.

Habit Burger original location in Goleta, CA.

They serve tri-tip and grilled tuna sandwiches, too.

I highly recommend this place!

HOT TIP: The original location in Goleta has an extended menu. This is the only Habit serving:

Turkey Burgers
Chili Burgers
Hot Dogs
Chili Dogs

In 2007, there were only 3 locations. At last count, there are 37 Habit Burger Grills, all across California.

Visit the original Habit Burger location at 5735 Hollister Avenue in Goleta (map it). There's also one in La Cumbre Plaza, downtown on State Street, and on South Milpas.

Best Smoothies


Blenders in the Grass Blenders

Another Santa Barbara County original. Sure, there are other juice bars scattered around, but locals always get their smoothies from Blenders.

There are 12 locations in Southern California so far. This one is located at 315 Meigs Road #J (map it). Call (888) 401-4900 to find the one nearest you.

For Dessert

McConnell's Ice Cream

McConnell's Ice Cream factory

The McConnells opened their ice cream factory in 1949 at 21 West Mission Street (map it), where it stands today.

This area of town was the center of the silent movie industry, back in the day.

And McConnells has been through it all! Don't miss it.

Call 805-569-2323 for directions.

Here's The Scoop

Here's The Scoop Gelato

If you prefer Italian gelato, it's well worth the trip to 1187 Coast Village Road in Montecito (map it), 805-969-7020.

Here's The Scoop makes the best gelato I've ever tasted. Yum!

Here's The Scoop gelato

These are just a few of my favorite Santa Barbara restaurants. Now, how about you?

What's Your Favorite Santa Barbara Restaurant?

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara County? A place you visit again and again? Are the burgers the best in town? Is their service second-to-none?

Share your local secret! Tell us what makes your favorite restaurant such a special place...

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