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Santa Barbara wine tasting is one of the most popular leisure activities for tourists and locals, alike.

There are more than 100 wineries in the Santa Barbara Wine Country. If you went wine tasting every day, it would take more than a month to visit every winery in the county!

Which is exactly what I plan to do!

Well, maybe not exactly...

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

I expect it'll take longer than a month. I do intend to visit each and every winery in Santa Barbara County.

My mission is to find the most charming places in Santa Barbara to go wine tasting.

Whether you want to take a commercial wine tasting tour or plan your own route, check here first to fine the best wine tasting rooms.

Understand, I am not judging the wine here. Every winery in Santa Barbara County makes good wine.

I'm evaluating the wine tasting environment. My point is...

With so many beautiful and inviting places to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara County, why waste your time in less-than-charming surroundings?

Better than a directory, this is a list of wineries that really know how to make a person feel welcome.

Santa Barbara Wine Country - Day By Day

Join me as I travel around the Santa Barbara wine country, one day at a time. There are five distinct viticultural areas to explore here: Santa Maria Valley, Los Alamos Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, Sta. Rita Hills, and Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara.

We'll begin with the wineries along the coast...

There are enough Santa Barbara wineries within walking distance of the beach to fill 2 days of wine tasting. Enjoy 2 more days of wine tasting with a beautiful drive to Summerland, then touring wineries in downtown Santa Barbara. You could easily have 4 days of wine tasting with an ocean view.

Santa Ynez Grapes

Santa Barbara wine tasting continues in the Santa Ynez Valley. Santa Barbara wine country is best known for its Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah vineyards.

For a real "grapes-on-the-vine" experience, plan to visit a few Santa Ynez wineries. The region became famous in the movie, Sideways. (Click here to download the Sideways wine tasting tour map.)

Are you interested in tasting wine in other parts of California? Visit our California wine tasting guide for links to the rest of California's Wine Country.

Has this Santa Barbara wine tasting guide been helpful? Do you have any questions? Please leave your questions or comments below. Or, use the button at the top of the right column to tweet your comments.

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